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Sunrise Nation Roll Call: Checking In

It has been difficult since my last post. I have joined the ranks of thousands of humans across the world that are now furloughed/unemployed due to the global crisis. My full-time job is a small Arkansas-based business, but one of the fastest growing Phonathon fundraising companies in the country. They had to reorganize and let some of us go in order to keep the doors open to continue our mission in the fall.

However, we don't know what the end of the year is going to look like. We don't even know what the summer will look like. An article came to my email yesterday through my PRO organization ASCAP that shared how Billboard chronicled the American entertainment industry happenings during the 1918 - 1920 flu (H1N1) pandemic. Industries tried to open back up several times during this period and each time proved detrimental to public health. Just like now, there were naysayers and skeptical opinions at that time. The beginning of the outbreak is still disputable. But the world recovered.

If there is one hope we can have throughout all of this tragedy, it is this: humans have survived. All of a sudden, we have all been thrown against a common enemy. Yes, there is still political bickering, confusion, anxiety, and skepticism just like in 1918. But what else is there? Science, medicine, and information sharing advances have made it more expedient to access what we need to survive. The fact that we are a global economy has motivated the entire world to find the best solutions to the issues and quickly. Social media has made it possible for entertainers, entrepreneurs, families and friends to maintain a connection to the outside world when we have been forced to isolate in order to survive. Even more than that, technology has allowed a lot of businesses to stay open and working remotely!

There has been so much rapid death on top of consistent natural disasters. But I want to motivate those of you who read this, who are a part of my community, to keep going! We are truly in an unprecedented time. We are faced with another pandemic, but we have more resources to combat it than we ever have had before!

I want to be one of these resources for you. I know being confined and isolated gets to be so draining. But I created the site member's area for a reason. I am working on different ways to help us feel better connected (and also a better internet connection!). I want to invite you into my next live stream where we can talk, share music and relax. I will be moving my live streams to Tuesday nights starting next month (May) at 7PM CST. I hope to see you there!

Signing out,

~ Le'Dawn

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