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I had some thoughts that I wanted to write down and share. They're not extravagant so I'll be brief! But, I am in a very reflective mood.

2019 was such a huge leap of change for myself and those close to me. 2020 has brought another element of personal change as well. As I settle into another routine of living (new job, new friends, new lessons learned, new loss along with New Music(!)), I have been thinking about my current state. Which brings me to wonder. . . have I progressed?

What is progress? It can be used as both a noun and a verb to mean advancement or forward movement. I have only really known one direction, and that is forward. At this point in my life, I envisioned being single still, releasing my 3rd or 4th project and going on my 2nd tour. By my standards, I am a little behind. But, you'll have to understand my navigation through life over the last decade.

In short, I have found myself. Year 28 is shaping up to be the year of definitive growth. I have learned to state my terms up front, stand by my convictions, and not back down when others feel threatened by my surety and self-awareness. I have also learned to be softer, more patient and less reactive. I am grateful to have acquired these characteristics.

Today marks 25 years of celebrating the sacrifices and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This April will mark 52 years since his assassination. How have we progressed as a nation? As a society?

I applaud our ability to call out injustice instantaneously. I commend our willingness to have those "uncomfortable" conversations more openly. To the friends and families of our modern-day martyrs, I salute you for soldiering on and fighting for justice still. There is still so much work to do!

We must remember to be in the service of the progression of humanity every day, not just this one. We must continue to soldier forth in everything that we do. We have to do what is right even when noone is looking.

I will revisit this post next year, but feel free to share and comment!

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