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I Need Your Support with this Fundraiser!

I have been working on building this Kickstarter campaign since last summer. That was when I really evaluated what I needed to get my EP finished and presented to the public. I make music and perform because it is what I love. I do it regardless of the money or the fame and I always will so long as there is life in my body. But making art costs money.

The campaign page tells you everything including the cost break down of why I'm asking for your assistance. I am being completely transparent throughout the whole process. I mean, I have to be if I want your contribution! That's just basic respect.

Link to Kickstarter Page:

Please read every detail in the campaign story! I need genuine support with getting this completed. I want to give you quality and an epic experience around this milestone in my career. In the campaign video I go in to more detail:

With your support, I'll be able to provide the best music and entertainment possible. I appreciate you all and I hope to see you at a show very soon!

Le'Dawn Signing Out.

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