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This is the first time that I am hopping on a social media challenge, but I felt that this was something that I could actually do. Even if I never get a view on my video, or win one of the prizes, I wanted to challenge my ability to create and deliver bars. And I wanted to be genuine in my approach and the content of my rap (it may show up on my mixtape *wink, wink*).

However, I AM aiming for that sweet $10,000 dollar grand prize and the chance to meet Nicki Minaj. Not only will this stimulate more growth in my artistry, but it will also help me push my EP release more and actually provide for a spectacular show for you! So, here is what I need you to do starting today:

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @allthingsledawn, then go to my newsfeed posts and share my video submission. Be sure to comment on my video with the hashtag (#megatronchallenge) AND tag @nickiminaj so it can raise my post ranking and get noticed.

I will give the first 30 sunrisers to do this a free song download!

If Nicki Minaj likes my video and reports it, then I am in the running for one of three prizes:

1st place gets $10,000 and will be flown out to meet Nicki Minaj whereever she is

2nd place gets $5,000

3rd place gets $1,000

Honestly, any little bit helps this poor indie artist out. But how often does this specific opportunity come around? So I'm going for it! And I pray that my vibe touches the audience that is watching this contest. We have until July 27! Thank you for your support!

Le'Dawn Signing Out.

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