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Kryptonite MV Coming Soon! 15s Teaser


If I don't post consistently it's because I'm working on the presentation!

Y'all I am SCREAMING over here because I am too excited about this! I wrote the treatment for this video summer of last year and shopped for someone to help me bring it to life. All the while I have always wanted to work with Shara since I met her years ago.

She is the owner of Spliced Ego Films and has toiled long and hard to expand her business. She's also a minority/woman-owned business which I feel particularly inclined to support! She travels all over to deliver her quality services to her clients. And when I tell you that Shara did her thing, Shara D-I-D T-H-E D-A-M-N THING! Not only is she a quality photographer/videographer, but she is a dynamic director.

People think a director just tells you what to do. In essence, yes, they do. But a master director is able to take your vision (or script) and put the color into it! They are able to see past the treatment and tell your story! They also help you feasibly create your idea. I mean we had to revise several times with many phone calls, texts and emails since October 2018.

Yes! It took this long for us to create something so special for you. And that is what we wanted it to be. A story. I can't wait for you to see the whole vision. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. The plan is to drop on May 17 so STAY TUNED!

Special thanks to the beauties Ms. Crystal and Miss Kristalyn in this clip for a job well done!

You can follow Ms. Crystal on Instagram

Le'Dawn Signing Out.

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